BAD ROMANCE: What is breadcrumbing? The dating practice set to be 2017’s ghosting – all you need to know


Dating apps  worked to let potential lovers to meet with each other. It’s the new way for people to look for love and relationships. In 2016, a dating term called “ghosting” has made waves in the online community. You’ve probably met one or two during your dating stint in dating apps. It’s when a potential date just disappeared or has cut all connections just because.

Today, there’s a new means to digitally reject someone, “breadcrumbing”. It’s a way to lead someone on by sending flirtatious messages but you’re not actually interested in him or her. It’s a mean way to make a person hope or assume there’s something special between the two of you, mean – it’s so mean.

What does breadcrumbing mean?

Receiving sporadic but suggestive text messages could be a sign that you’re getting breadcrumbed.

The texter may be attempting to boost their ego by keeping you interested with the minimum amount of effort possible.

In serious cases, the person sending the suggestive texts may pop up every few months, only to flit back out of your life after.

For others, randomly liking Facebook or Instagram posts and photos may also trick social media users into believing there’s a chance of a relationship .

Where does the term breadcrumbing come from?

Just like the name suggests, the dating sin involves leaving a trail of “breadcrumbs” for your unsuspecting victim to follow.

Known also as “Hansel and Gretelling,” it offers singletons the glimmer of hope they need to keep the conversation alive.

The new term first swept the web in early 2017, sparking many daters to come forward and share their experiences

Breadcrumbing may sound harmless, but it does actually affect other people. It’s like sending flowers to someone, but you mean nothing at all while she’s gushes over the sweetness you’re showing her. According to the Sun, it is emotional playing, which is a hurtful thing to do to someone. This attitude may come in various shapes and sizes – an ex who occasionally sends you sweet messages or someone who isn’t interested in you but sends you sweet messages just the same. If you want to read the article, you can visit

Written by Jill May