How Should A Women Be During A Date

You get into the many online dating sites and where you will get option to chat with each other. After spending a good amount of time chatting with someone, you will have finally reached a point that the two of you want to meet. After all with Online Dating this is the goal in the first place, so finally having the opportunity can be very exciting! But before you meet anyone you need to have some precautions on hand.

Follow The Below Steps While You Go On A First Date:

Always pick a safe known location, such as a local restaurant, a café or even a popular park. Make it clear to a family member or a friend when and where you are meeting your date and what time you expect to be home. If you aren’t sure how long you are going to be out for, you can always give them an estimate time and call them on your cell phone if you are going to be longer than expected. In any case, you should always have your cell phone with you just in case you have a change of plans while you are out.

Don’t have your date pick you up in his car, instead take your own car and meet him at the chosen location. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable at any time during the date and you have your own car you can leave at any time without a hassle.

Set the encounter up during the day, and make sure it’s a time when you feel most comfortable. Don’t feel pressured into a précised time. If he continues insist that you need to meet at a certain place or time just cancel the meeting altogether. If he is keen enough to meet you, he will agree to whatever time you choose.

Don’t feel bad if you cancel the date without prior notice. Too often people who use online dating services are very eager to get things going by skipping the friendship stage altogether! Follow your instincts and if he isn’t understanding about you cancelling the date or gets angry, then straight away you know you have made the right decision.

If you need to travel to another city or even another state to meet your date, book your own accommodation. There is no need to share where you are staying to your potential date. It’s not a good idea to meet him in the hotel lobby, as you need your safe heaven if needed. Just arrange to meet him in a public place during the daytime, if things go well you can decide where to go from there.

To give you some idea where people who use online dating tend to meet, I have collected some statistics which should give you some ideas where to arrange a date.

Cafe – 51% meet at a cafe where the atmosphere is relaxed and is also quite inexpensive which provides you both the opportunity to talk in a safe environment.

Restaurants – 24% choose to meet at a restaurant usually for lunch or dinner. However you don’t want to choose a highly romantic restaurant to start with, just something that is a little cozy so you both feel at ease.

Bars – 23% meet at a bar for a few drinks, while this isn’t a bad idea it does have disadvantages in that talking is usually a lot harder because of the load atmosphere and music. Not to mention that the scene at a bar can create too many distractions so you and your date are not focusing completely on each other.

Your home – 2% meet at their own homes. This is never a good idea I don’t recommend this at all, as you don’t know who you are actually meeting with. Remember when dating online you can be anyone you want to be.

Written by Jill May