Starting The Relationship With A Man: The Expectations Of Women

That handsome black man who makes you melt, because besides being the man who shares his points of view, he makes you laugh: Will he be the chosen one? Women seeking Men are generally increased to project themselves into the future relationship. The desire to present it to those around them, to live together and to create a little love nest quickly gets into their heads. Admit it: you know it’s too early to think about it, but you have trouble not fantasizing about that budding romance. The expectations of women differ from those of men at the beginning of a relationship, this can lead to many misunderstandings.

So here are the tips for singles to make their relationship too strong.

The Fantasies Of Women When Starting A Relationship

In the first place, women tend to be anxious and ask thousands of questions, man instead lives his life, one day at a time. Women who have experienced painful love stories have even more need to quickly find safety. Sexologists also confirm that the expectations are not the same for both genders. For women, tenderness is of great importance and then security follows, and finally commitment.

Although everything goes well in the new couple, the partner will only be fully satisfied when the expected “I love you”. These two words have a strong psychological impact on women: they are reassuring. However, if one enters this trust too soon, the fears of the couple will not be quieted, because the doubts of their sincerity.

Women wait patiently (or impatiently) the day the man they love invites them to a Sunday lunch with their parents. This is the ultimate love test of the beginning of a relationship, the invitation to participate in the family circle is an important step for a woman. Implies: He loves me enough to introduce me to his parents, Translation: he is proud of me, he projects with me (his mother will certainly give him the “okay”).

Unfortunately, the family of man continues to be a problem today. However, this does not mean that he does not have strong feelings for you. There are many reasons that can stop it: family problems, a bad experience, a future invasive mother-in-law. If he has omitted to invite you to meet his family, perhaps he is taking the time to protect you.

Moving Under The Same Roof

The second test of love that changes the relationship with a woman is the day they decide to go live together! He may not be so eager to leave his parties and his pizza outings with his friends. (Since they are the reason for your existence, after your company, of course).

For a woman, living under the same roof represents the stage of commitment, the problem is that for man, commitment: it is a reason to flee! While this idea reassures women, it makes men agonic.

Gentlemen, married life does not mean that you have to give up your freedom, but it opens the range of possibilities for creating new habits, reconciling one’s desires and mutual desires.

Written by Jill May