Things Men Want from A Woman Whom He Is Dating

The world has changed dramatically from what it was even a decade ago. Women have emancipated and reversed the thinking regarding women as more and more women are taking up jobs that were reserved for the men. Therefore it is no more male dominated when it comes to sex and love; women are making the choice more than men.

With all the changes that is rapidly taking place in the world with women making their inroads in every sphere of work, that were once male dominated; men are in fact struggling to find a foothold to assert their superiority. With their newfound freedom and power, women are gearing up for their dominance with great gusto and out to prove the male that they can also do what men can, and even do it better than men.

With more and more women coming into the fore, men have started to accept the female superiority in a subtle way; as they seem to be afraid to claim female dominance from the rooftop. Whatever changes might take place male still have this traditional way of thinking when matters of love and family comes up.

However there are things men would like to see in the women he would like to have.
·         A woman who will love him
·         A woman who will remain attracted to him
·         A woman in whom he can put his trust
·         A woman who is willing to start a family with him
·         A woman who will be feminine, loving and gentle
·         A women having a good sense of humor
·         A woman who will be caring
·         A woman who can be supportive
·         A woman gentle in her speech and logical
·         A woman who can challenge him to keep him active
·         A woman who can understand his sexual preferences
·         A woman who will stay committed
·         A woman who will not make him feel lonely.

Whatever might be happening with women breaking down the male bastion; a man still wants a woman who will be sexy, feminine and reliable with whom he can plan his future and have a long relationship. He would like to love and be loved and eager to start a home with the woman of his choice. Even though men are no more the only bread winner, still he would like to have a partner who will have respect for her.

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Written by Jill May