Top 10 Creative Ideas For American’s Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Valentine’s day is more special with Americans. And here are some of the dating tips for Valentine’s day.  You need to think of creative ideas for an affordable Valentine’s Day date so that this event will be memorable for you and your partner.  True, you need to put in some time and effort in planning a date but it doesn’t have to take up all your resources.  There are several date ideas that are affordable and will easily impress the person you are with.  Below is a list of the top ten creative and affordable date ideas for a wonderful Valentine’s Day date.

1.) Have an Italian candlelight dinner at home.
Cover your table with a red checkered cloth, light some candles, and cook some spaghetti for your menu.  Get a bottle of wine and make your dinner date extra special.

2.) Take a Walk.
Walk hand in hand as you explore a local museum or an art exhibit in your neighborhood.  If you are a nature lover, you can go to a greenhouse or enjoy a walk around the park.

3.) Have a Breakfast Date.
Instead of a dinner date, why not take your special someone out for a breakfast date?  You can get heart shaped waffles and freshly brewed coffee as a treat for this particular day. If you’d rather not go out, bring things further by having breakfast in bed.

4.) Go for A Movie Date.
Drive-in theaters may be closed during this season, but you can always recreate the romance of a drive in movie by setting up your own movie date in your own garage.  Bring the TV out, park your car in front of it, and enjoy snuggling against your date.

5.) Ride Around the Country.
Exploring the country side is also another way of enjoying Valentine’s Day.  Trains are the perfect choice for this option because they usually have special offers on Valentine’s Day.  If trains are not available in your area, go on a hot air balloon or get a helicopter ride around the city.

6.) Play a Friendly Game of Golf.
Feel like kids competing against each other and visit a mini golf course in your area.  This date idea is not only fun, it will also help you discover more about each other’s sportsmanship.

7.) Take Up a One-Day Class.
If there is something that can be treasured for life, it is new knowledge.  For a unique Valentine’s Day date, go to a one-day class together.  Just make sure that the class you will be going to is something both of you are into.

8.) Volunteer Together.
Valentine’s Day has several activities lined up for charity work. You and your partner can make a difference by volunteering for a particular charity event.  Think of the fun and fulfillment you’ll have as you serve food or donate blood together.

9.) Create Your Own Brew.
If you love drinking, then visit your local brewery for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day date.  Make a research on facilities that offer create-your-own brews and personalized labeling for a memorable date with an instant souvenir.

10.)  Photograph Yourselves.
What better way to document this day of love through a set of photographs with your sweetheart. You can set up props and prepare outfits to wear during different photo shoots of the day.
With these date ideas, you need not break the bank to enjoy Valentine’s Day.  What matters most is the quality of time you spend with the person closest to your heart.

Written by Jill May