Weird Things Women Do When They’ve Just Started Dating You

Women and men seem like very different creatures altogether, but boxing them in a set of crazy ideals seem unfair. We are human afterall and sometimes guilty as charged.

I came across an article about how crazy women can get when they are in a new relationship and it has over 12,000 shares. Basically it says that if you think women are sugar and spice and everything nice, you’re way off chart.

Women are mysteries and maladies woven into one complex being. We love you and hate you in the same moment. We’re mesmerized by and frustrated with you, at the same time, in the very next moment. And when we’re just getting to know you as a person of romantic interest and potential, then, let’s just say that no one—not even the FBI, CIA or the special forces—can help you decode how and why we are the way that we are. No one, except us. We’re the only ones who understand what’s going on with us…

In the MensXP article entitled, “10 Creepy AF Things Women Do When You Just Start Dating, As Told By A Woman,” by Dessidre Fleming, posted last Apr 26, 2017 – they depicted women as creepy beings that do the most absurd things.

The stereotype woman will probably do what the article claims they do when they are in a new relationship, like name your future children, know what to wear on your 155th date, but not all will. But definitely not all.

The part where they talk about you in random conversations with friends, look at you with eagle eyes – I think that’s flattering. They must not be able to get enough of you.

Written by Jill May