What To Do And What Not To Do On A Dating

The art of seduction is complex and meticulous, especially when you try to put it into practice during the first date.

To ensure the best chances of impressing your date and guaranteeing a second date, there are however some simple steps to follow to get a successful appointment.

Keep in mind the following tips on what to do and what not to do when you are in your date: they will help you master the first date.

What to do when you are in a date:

Choose Your Best Clothes:

First impressions always count! The idea is to dress in flattering clothes but not to go too far. You can choose to wear that garment that makes you feel good about yourself. You can dress comfortably, but try to avoid dressing too “casual”, especially if you are staying in a good restaurant. You can always do a little preliminary research of the place where you are going to stay, it will be of great help in deciding what will be the most suitable gala for the occasion. The clothes too sexy best left for future appointments, leave a gap to the imagination!

Be Punctual!
There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone who is late, especially if it is someone you have not even met. If you are really interested in your date, avoid bad impressions and do not keep him waiting. Always keep in mind how much time in advance you will need to prepare yourself before the appointment.

Above All Positive Attitude
Usually, people are looking for a partner that makes them laugh that they have a positive attitude toward life. One way to get a more meaningful connection with your date is without a doubt sharing your passions.

Use your sense of humor to break the ice, but first of all stay away from the heavy jokes to avoid embarrassing situations.

Show Interest In What Your Date Says
Pay attention to the words of your appointment and try to read their body language too. The idea is that you both can have an interesting conversation, that you know, so try to avoid using your mobile as much as you can. It’s very ugly if instead of looking at your date (you know eye contact), you’re all stuck to the screen of your mobile. You can always talk about the things you have in common, it will be a good way to get the attention of your appointment.

Be yourself
Do not pretend to be someone you are not really in order to impress your date because sooner or later: you will not feel comfortable in the skin you have created and because, even if it is in future dates, your date will probably notice who you really are. If your date does not get stuck with the real you then that person is probably not your average.

What not to do In Your First Date:

Too many expectations too soon
The first thing to keep in mind, is to stay realistic at all times and with your head on the men.

You may be looking for a serious relationship but there is no need to start hustling. Keep in mind that your date could become your partner, or maybe not … Be positive, but never too dreamy, because if your date does not prove to be the right person it will be much more difficult to face reality. Better not look desperate to keep your date from freaking out! Give yourself time to know yourself well and see what the future holds for you.

Going too personal or talking only about yourself
It’s your first face-to-face contact so try to make your conversation as casual as you can. You have no need to start telling your date the history of your life or bring up in the conversation more serious (and often very sensitive) issues around politics or religion. The first appointments represent the perfect opportunity to discover the more general features that you both have in common.
Also, try to avoid talking too much about yourself. A first date is not a therapy or a monologue so try not to bore your date with any personal problems. Instead, let the conversation flow. Ask your appointment questions to find out more about him / her, but avoid too inquisitive questioning. Leave the conversations deep for the future.

Talk about your ex
Do not talk about your ex or any past relationship under any circumstances. Your appointment does not need to know why your last relationship did not work and whose fault it was. On the contrary, subtly focus on the two of you in the qualities you are looking for in a couple, but as we said before, always maintain a degree of realism and avoid appearing too insistent when asking questions.

Getting drunk or being sexually suggestive
Of course you can have a couple of drinks! but there is no need for your date to see you completely drunk, falling all over the corners or telling drunken stories without any sense.

The same goes for sexual suggestions. Do you want your appointment to be thought to be easy? If your plan is to finish between the sheets of your appointment because you are looking for something more casual, there may be no problem, but if you are in search of a love story, better leave room for mystery and romance for upcoming appointments.

Add to your appointment to FB or call immediately after
Your first date has gone well, and it seems that you both have a lot in common. The odds of a second date are quite high. Do you want to ruin everything by acting desperately and calling your appointment right after the date or by adding it to your social networks? Dating experts agree that the ideal time to leave between appointments and the next contact is from two to four days. So relax and let your date take a little less.

Written by Jill May