When To Call When You Are In A Date

There are many things to consider when you are in a date with someone you choose from dating sites. Once such thing is the usage of mobiles during dating.

Phone calls are very important when you start dating. In fact every communication that is made through phone or emails has an important role to play in the black dating game. Man and women have different views as far as these are concerned. The timings of sending and receiving of messages is very important. Too less of communication or too much of it can be detrimental in making dating successful or unsuccessful.

When To Expect A Call:

Traditionally it is the man who feels adventurous in chasing a woman instead of the other way around. Men generally get disappointed if that happens and it is likely women too might feel high when men vie with each other in order to attract the attention of a single woman. However, women have become more independent in their thinking and would not hesitate to take up the chasing game. If you are doing the chasing, it will send a message to the man, who is chasing whom. This will also imply that women are not going to beg for attention, it is time for the men to beg for attention. Therefore when you communicate you should be the one who is going to decide when to call.

And on the other hand if as a woman you think that it is your responsibility to do all the bidding then it becomes your prerogative when to call. It might sometime lead to misunderstanding in which there might come a time when there will be no response from the other end. When you are in a relationship it is expected that you would want your man to take the lead and call you sometimes. When such a situation arises you should resist yourself from taking the initiative and make the call. If he is really interested in the relationship he is definitely going to make the call that you have been expecting. If you do make the call the man on the other end will tend to assume that he is being chased and that could put him down. Men generally would like to assure themselves that you are really interested in the relationship. If you can make him understand that you are really serious, then you can expect him to call you.

In case you do not want to make the call then you should not make the first call, always wait for him to make the call. Leave you phone in voice mail mode and take your time to return the call; make him wait.

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Written by Jill May